Some years ago I declared that I would never blog. I would rather write books, and so I did. Since 2015 I have written, created and published a series of seven children’s books: the Tor the Bear-series. The learning curve has been steep, and somewhere along the way I got motivated to share some of the experience from this exciting process. So, here we go: Welcome to this blog – a blog which never will be about my everyday life, make up and fashion, but rather about writing and related topics.

Since my writing includes music, music might be included. There may also be elements of food, since my writing has involved baking. (A rather disgusting carrot cake, I might add. Then again, I blame Tor the Bear for it. It was he who put the whole carrots into the batter.) Lastly, there will be topics not foreseen by now – I can hardly wait to find out what these are!

Lin-Marita Sandvik – author, photographer, teacher, musician